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All information that is displayed and transmitted on the www.digitechpedia.com is clearly protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. No one, under any circumstances, is allowed to modify, publish, transmit, sold and reproduce any of the content on this website without our consent. Except www.digitecpedia.com , No one is authorized to use any of the content on this website commercially and if it is found we (www.digitechpedia.com) will be forced to take legal action. www.digitechpedia.com will not be liable and responsible for any incidental, consequential damage or loss of royalties, profits caused by the unauthorized use of any of the information, facts and detailed discussion what you will find on this website regarding our services and products. However, only we can help you to get the best result out of our services as we are the expert regarding implementation.

Privacy Policy:

We always maintain a strict policy regarding privacy and security as this is an important part that cannot be ignored at any circumstances.

Data Security:

Information collection is a continuous process and we are very much aware that every bit of information that is collected is not only sensitive but also very much important, so only authorized persons will be allowed to take part in this process. We also want to assure you that collected data will be kept in safe.

Just between you and us:

Yes, as we discussed previously, we are very much aware that the information is really a big deal, so ant any cost or under any circumstances, we will not going to share it with any third party. So , your information is very much secured.

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