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All over the world, Social Media Marketing is being considered to be a new trend that is very much capable to promote your Brand and brings a positive change in a short time and of course can bring a good amount of traffic.

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About Us

Nowadays, we have been listening to few words like digital marketing, digital marketing agency, digital marketing strategy, digital marketing company etc. All these have been buzzing around us for quite a long time. Sometimes we may think why ''Digital Marketing'' is needed. Is ''Digital Marketing'' really the very essential tactics that we need to promote our brand and increase the sale graph? Or digital marketing is just a hype and nothing but a marketing policy by the marketing companies. But this is really needed and we can consider digital marketing as the reinvention of marketing strategies in the digital era. In this era of cutthroat competition where competitors use grasping pricing and heavy promotion to eliminate their rivals, obviously no business-owner can avoid or neglect the presence of their brand online. You can not avoid saying that why I will be staffing my heads with digital marketing trends and objectives as I am a small/medium business owner. But there is no alternative way to stay ahead from your competitors. But the million dollar question is what will be the digital marketing strategy and digital marketing best practices that you will follow. But It is not an easy thing to define or formulate, rather it is a subject that changes rapidly with the Psychology of the customers that means it is connected with the trend of the market. So, we need to be very much connected and aware of the digital marketing statistics and trends and that can only be possible for a digital marketing analyst to apprehend. Digitechpedia, a Digital Marketing Company Kolkata, will help you to design your digital marketing strategy that consists of several steps and procedure.First, we will let you understand the present situation of your brand in the comparison of current digital marketing trends. Second, We will define digital Marketing objectives that will clarify what you want. Third, We will design the Digital Marketing Strategy That will tell you how to reach to your target. Forth, We will come to a decision about digital marketing techniques, the details of implementation process, that will you take you to the goal. Fifth, digital marketing tactics what we have learned from our long journey, will be shared with you to show you some shortcuts, of course not crossing the boundary of the ethical SEO.
It may appear to you a quite tedious task, if you have reached here going through the first paragraph, to take care of all these process in a procedural way. But do not worry. You can place your trust on us. We are not claiming that we are the top Digital Marketing Company Kolkata, but certainly we are one of the best Digital Marketing Companies kolkata when knowledge and implementation is concerned.We are here to walk with you, to listen to your ideas and help you to promote your business online before millions of netizens. You may have a good-looking website, but establishing a website is the first step towards your Brand Promotion and earning a good traffic. In accomplishing these goals, the final and foremost thing that you must be concerned is the Digital Marketing strategy and digital marketing techniques what play the vital role. With the help of our experienced strategist, you can strengthen you brand establishment effort. We will sit with you to analyze and monitor every movements of your online presence and provide you the effective marketing strategies that surely will help you to gain a better targeted traffic to increase the sale and also help you to improve your search engine ranking. You can trust us for complete solution about any sort of Digital Marketing that is concerned to promote your business successfully online. So,If you are very badly looking for any digital marketing company kolkata, Then why do not you dial our number (9748362155) or drop a mail to info@digitechpedia.com or may we take the privilege to come to your office to discuss about the solutions that you are looking for.

Digital Marketing Agency Kolkata

Digital Marketing Trends

Well, it is quite clear that digital marketing is nothing but an umbrella that covers up more than one services like social media marketing, content marketing, social media optimization, SEO etc. All these services are implemented strategically to attract, engage customers online. In another angle we can also represent digital marketing as communication between consumers and organizations that a digital marketing agency must consider as one of the primary goals to be achieved. Digital marketing is very much influenced by the technology what changes very fast and that is why the trend and strategy of digital marketing keeps changing. As a leading digital marketing company in Kolkata, we keep ourselves very much up to date with the trend and design your digital marketing strategy accordingly. Let's have a quick look of the trends that everyone needs to apply to promote their business and as a digital marketing agency Kolkata, we will be with you throughout the implementation process.

Social media, all-time favorite and effective:
By using social media, business can certainly have advantage through various means. Advertising in the social network was an important digital marketing strategy in the past and it is still a popular trend that every digital marketing agency is utilizing in full swing. Facebook has updated itself a lot with new features like creation of custom audience, making lookalike audience by saved target Groups, serving ads based on retargeting etc. Google has started displaying Twitter content in the Google desktop search result. So, social media is still a right place for brand awareness. Sales through social media are increasing day by day and according to Statista's survey it will cross 30 billion at the end of 2015 .So, garb the trend and increase your social presence by tweeting, commenting, liking and sharing in the social media to strengthen the brand by engaging the customers. If you are looking for a digital marketing company in kolkata to implement and fine tune your social media presence, you are at right place.
Content is still king:
Content has always been the link between the consumer and the seller and the trend is soaring nowadays. All you need to do is just add value to your content. A meaningful and appealing content with info graphic and stats about your product and services will definitely generate leads. You should deliver compelling content from time to time and this is a very effective digital marketing strategy. The inability to follow these good practices is a lack of marketing effort that every business sometimes suffer due to lack of time and man power. If you are eager to find a digital marketing company in Kolkata to stop this gap, just call us.
Video Ad:
Everybody knows that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. The new technology called ''Live Streaming'' has taken the video to a completely new level and you can feel this how a social giant like face book has adopted this technology. In November 2015, yahoo marketing research team published their study that reveals video views on laptop, pc are up 34% while video views on smart phones are up 55% and on tablets, views are up near about 48%. So can anyone dare to avoid this strategy? So if you are badly needed for a digital marketing company in kolkata and around to design and maintain your YouTube account in an affordable price, just call us.
Data analysis and tracking:
Every business needs to analysis and monitor the data to stay ahead of their competitors. Every business regularly needs to track down their ad performance, traffics towards their website, face book page, Google page. These tracking are essential to find out the flaws. Google analytics, Facebook pixel and insights are very much helpful regarding this analysis and all you need is just to spare yourself a little bit. Or you need to find out a digital marketing company in Kolkata to take care this schedule job. We will monitor and send you the report from time to time regarding your social presence and of course about the whereabouts of your competitors.
Mobile friendliness:
Presently, the use of Smartphone is soaring and it has put up a considerable challenge to the popularity of tablet and laptop. One or two years back use of Smartphone was a trend, but, at present, it has become fastest-growing digital media channel. This trend will experience an upward trajectory in coming years that has been revealed by a study done by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau). We as a leading digital marketing company Kolkata, always ready to give our clients the necessary support regarding this undeniable and viable trend.

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