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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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SEO is the acronym for ''Search Engine Optimization''. ''SEO'' is the strategy or procedure to increase the rank of a website in a search engine's unpaid result, referred to as ''natural'' or ''organic'' results. So, SEO guaranties a way to help search engine to find and rank a website higher than thousands of other related websites in response to the user's query.

Why do you need SEO services to promote your business?

Today no one can avail the risk of not promoting their business in the ''internet''; it is not a wise decision losing ''millions'' of visitors. In this era of cut throat competition, just launching a website will not certainly help you to appear in the major search engine's first page. You must need to implement a process(s) or technique(s) to promote your business and to increase the visibility of your business over the internet what our SEO services kolkata will certainly help you to achieve this goal. Without marketing, it is not possible to propagate any business; so first and foremost headache that attacks every business man that is ''How to make a full proof marketing plan'' and execution of the plan in a very efficient and economic way. Clearly you can take our ''SEO services kolkata'' for a viable marketing tool, coupled with good optimized content relevant with business that will get you good amount of traffic and necessary leads. Let us summaries our discussion in the following manner.

SEO brings visibility to your business and helps to establish your brand: You want customers to choose your product over more than dozens of brands of others. But people will only choose your brand only if your brand has more visibility hence greater credibility than other brands. So, to catch visitor's eye your brand must be at the first page in the all search engines; this will bring more exposure and it will obviously bring more values to the visitors. Another trick that will help establishing your ''Brand'' is your ''Brand'' in the social networking like Facebook and Twitter; a media that will help you to communicate with your customers and to create specific targeted audience. The most important thing is that after securing a place at the first page, you have to reinforce it to stay on the top. So keep on ''Branding''.

SEO increases business traffic hence assures more customers: This technique ensure you a lot of traffic, but someone will argue that traffic does not guaranty sell. Now think logically what is the best place to open your new Coffee Shop? Certainly you will choose a crowded street corner rather than a back street or an alley. So grab our SEO services kolkata to increase the traffic to your website and hike the sell graph.

SEO ensures credibility When your business comes at the top fold in the SERP (within first five on first page) for different search string, it has positive effect on customers. The higher the rank of your website is, the more votes of confidence it will earn.

SEO ensures the best ROI As this technique is an inbound marketing strategy, it lets you reach towards the targeted audience when they are looking for products over the internet. You can have your products showed up when people are looking for the same sort of products, hence, saves time and cost compared to other traditional forms of off-line advertising.

Our SEO services Kolkata, a brief overview of what we offer :

We provide assistance in both ''On Page Optimization'' and ''Off Page Optimization'' processes, two different but inseparable part of SEO, come at two different stages of SEO implementation process. you can go through SEO services Kolkata for more information.

On Page Optimization :

SEO services kolkata offers On Page SEO

It means the optimization techniques that are implemented on website or on a webpage like follows:

Page Title, always with a keyword :

Every page must have a unique title with most important targeted keyword(s) about the page topic to get better CTR (Click through Rate).

Optimization of Meta Description :

The second best important ''On page SEO'' factor plays two different roles like help to get better ranking on SERP for specific keyword(s) and secondly would deliver better CTR (Click through Rate) to the website.

Optimization of H1 Header Tag :

''H1'' optimization is very important factor for ''On Page SEO services'' that offers a very good place to your primary keywords. The ''H1'' tag is intended for headline and tells Google how the content is structured.

Content Optimization :

Content optimization is very important for overall ''On Page SEO services''. Using keyword(s) naturally, throughout the page content, helps search engines to understand what the page is all about. A well structured content will be parted by multiple paragraphs; each paragraph will be of 200 to 250 words long and overall content will be at least 900 to 1000 words long. Best practices includes that targeted primary keywords will be put in the first paragraph and as well as in the other paragraph also. Typical keyword density will be between 2% to 4% though it depends on various factors like article size, business niche or type, completion level etc. Different variation of keyword like ''long tail keyword'', ''Global Keyword'' and LSI (Latent semantic Keyword) need to be used. So above discussion makes it clear that why we have given stress on ''Keyword research'', ''Keyword Mapping'' and ''Content Review'' and these ''Three Laws'' play an important role in our SEO services Kolkata what we have designed for our clients.

Image Optimization has its impact on ''On Page SEO'' :

Images make content more appealing and attractive to the visitors, but search engines only understand texts not the pixels (images); but there are three ways to get around the limitation. First save the image name with keyword(s) separated with dashes. Second mention the proper image alt attribute with proper keyword. Third mention the image title with targeted keyword.

Outbound links as a strategy of an On Page SEO :

Most of the time we get confused whether to link an external site or not; but it is a subtle strategy to link out other websites in your niche for reference or citation that has a positive effect on the ranking and helps Google to understand about your site's content and it's relevancy .

Internel link, another key factor to On Page SEO :

Internal linking between different pages within a website helps search engines to crawl different pages of a website easily that helps in better indexing. Page rank juice flows from the home page to the other pages through the internal links and internal linking also reduces the Bounce Rate. So internal linking is one of the best on page SEO strategy.

Implement Rich Snippet Schema, Effective On Page SEO trick :

Rich Snippet helps to attain a good CTR as Schema and micro data are used to structure the content of a website properly so that Google and other search engines can identify and interpret certain elements or property of a business or website, easily and effectively . So if Google better understands a web page or the business itself, then they are likely to rank higher for different keywords over time.

Search engine friendly URL Structure, A important factor for On Page SEO:

Keyword rich URLs perform much better than non optimized URLs on SERP. Depending on the technology or language, we use different tools (like .HTACCESS).

Social Sharing and Social Signal buttons impacts on ''On Page SEO'' :

We use different social media sharing buttons like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, interest for better sharing of your contents over different social networking sites and we also use third party social tools for smooth integration and sharing capabilities so that your readers can easily share your contents without any difficulties.We will request you to look into our SEO services list to realize the importance of the ''Social Sharing''.

Site Map Creation

Creating site Map and submission for grater possibility for indexing that has a good effect in ''Page Ranking''.

Off Page Optimization :

SEO services kolkata offers Off Page SEO

Setting up Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics

These are mandatory things to do for ''Off Page SEO''. Google Analytics , with in-depth analytics to help you comprehend and make strategy for website traffic and Google Webmaster Tools, which is no doubt helpful in planning and evaluating your SEO efforts and overall health of your website or blog.

Blogging has its impact on ''Off Page SEO''

One of the most powerful techniques to market you company/Brand online and we are ready to help you as a ''guest blogger'' to write unique content for you to promote your brand online.

Be a member of related Community in Social Media

To build your ''Online reputation'' and promote your brand/products , we will establish your presence online by creating account in the most popular site of social network like ''Facebook'',''Twitter'',''Linkedin'' etc. . It is one of the most trusted tricks in the manual of ''Off Page Seo''. We would like to request you to look into the detailed variations in our SEO services Kolkata package link.

Forum posting effective for ''Off Page Seo''

We will find ''Forums'' related with your niche and take part on the discussion or can start a discussion by posting articles on behalf of you; this technique can earn valuable ''links'' for you.

Social Bookmarking

A precious weapon for ''Off Page SEO'' as contents of these websites gets update frequently from millions of submission from worldwide ; a good place to earn valuable ''Do Follow Link'' and hike the page rank. We will post articles in popular social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg , Stumble Upon , Propeller, Reddit etc on behalf of can go through SEO services package for more information.

Business Directory Submission

Nowadays, one of the most popular ''Off Page SEO'' techniques to create citation that in return gives you most valuable back links. It is a tedious job that claims a lot of times; but we know the sort cut, so contact us for the secret.

Local Directory Submission, valuable Off Page SEO trick

The most effective way to promote your business in the local neighborhood and important for both small business and even big business shopping mall , retail business, fast food chains; as no booby want to lose the ''local customers''. you can look into our SEO services for more details.

Classified Submission

Classifieds are online advertisement techniques used to promote you business, Brand and advertising your products for free. This is a good ''Off Page SEO'' technique to gain popularity and generating organic traffic towards a website.

Video Posting,a lucrative ''Off Page SEO'' techniques

YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Vimeo are good place to post video and also supports keywords; Hence it is good place to promote you business /Brand.

Article Posting

One of the most successful ''Off Page SEO'' techniques that ensures a large number of organic traffic hence a assured good amount of back link . So, this is an assured way to promote your business/Brand and increase the ''Page Rank'' of your website. You can have the detailed variations in our SEO services Kolkata link.

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