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10 Reasons to Get A VPN

Let us delve into the ten simple reasons why everybody is required to use a VPN on their computers and phones. Rest assured that it is not about the privacy and protection of your data. You may come across a wide number of benefits associated with using a free vpn for torrenting.

Reason #1 – downloading torrents

You may come across several legitimate, legal reasons for downloading torrents. Rest assured to come across several torrent users who would download pirated movies. As a result, the ISPs would have a relatively hard time distinguishing between the two. It implies that at times they would block users using torrents for legitimate reasons.

A VPN would make it relatively harder for your ISP to view you as the one downloading torrents. Moreover, a VPN would let you access abroad versions of Netflix and P2P networks safely and securely.

Reason #2 – additional digital security

From your photos, your health records, to your finances, a majority of people could be located online presently. By using a VPN, you would get extra encryption and security when you transfer your data between your computer and the institutions.

Reason #3 – Want to watch geo-restricted content

If you reside in the US, but travel in any other nation and you do not like the content Netflix offers when you watch it in another nation, consider using a VPN. It would enable you to make it look as if you were still in the US. Therefore, you would get the ease of access to a catalog offered by US Netflix. You may like to check how to change Netflix country.

Reason #4 – encryption for your message

VPN would provide extra encryption to your sent or received message, making it relatively hard to intercept.

Reason #5 – communicating through VOIP services

Using a VPN would provide additional security and encryption to your video chats, making them relatively harder to be intercepted.

Reason #6 – logging on to public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi at cafes and airports could be a threat to your privacy. Using a VPN would add security to these hotspots they should have.

Reason #7 – using online cloud storage solutions

Online storage solutions would secure your files on their servers. However, using a VPN could add extra encryptions to your cloud storage uploads and downloads.

Reason #8 – for a gamer

For a gamer playing, several online games using a VPN could create a direct and secure connection between him and his friends. You would make the most of fewer data points flowing from other players down your network.

Reason #9 – do not want companies to track the ISP

Most companies would store cookies on your computer or they would track your ISP to see what you could do online and what you get on with. The gathered information would be used to show you advertisements. Using a VPN every time you surf the internet would make it appear it is a different computer due to a change in your IP every time.

Reason #10 – checking your counterparts

If you gave a small business and you intend to check the competing businesses in the region, consider using a VPN to hire your true IP, ISP, and location. The marketing companies would have no idea that your startup has been checking them out.