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How to delete Facebook Account Permanently – Tested Method

As we all know Facebook is one of the most popular social networks. More than Billions of users are active on Facebook. Everyone have the different purpose, some are to be connecting with friends and families members … some to promote their business and earn money.

How to delete Facebook Account Permanently

I asked from those people who are requested to write this tutorial. Why you want to delete your Facebook account. Some of answer are they have been addicted too much to facebook and some said they don’t want to share. So reason can be anything. If someone don’t like to use Facebook and want to delete everything related his/her account like which picture he posted and which status he shared .every stuff which relates to his account.

S/he can do easily by following below steps.

Note: After deleting your Facebook account permanently, you won’t be able to reactivate your account or retrieve anything related to your account which you have added. If you want to delete your account for some time, choose deactivate option. Read How to deactivate Facebook Account For Short Time.

How to delete Facebook Account Permanently

Step1: Login into Facebook Account

Step2: Click on drop down and select settings option as seen in below image.

facebook settings

Step3: Click download a copy below your general account settings.

download a copy of facebook data

Step4: Click Start My Archive Button.

start my archive

Step5: After clicking Start My Archive Button, a popup window will be appearing like below image. Again click on Start My Archive Button. This procedure may take sometimes to gather your photos, wall posts, messages, and other information. Facebook will ask you to verify your identity in order to help protect the security of your account.

delete facebook account

Step6: Now visit and click Delete My Account Button.

delete my facebook account

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All is done. When you delete your account, people will not be able to see anything related to your account. This procedure may take up to 90 days to delete all of things which you have posted like photos, status and other data. During this process, your account is not accessible to anyone on Facebook.

Some things you do on Facebook, not stored in your account. Your friends will have messages from you even after deleting your Facebook account since those messages are stored in their account.

Using this method you can easily delete your Facebook account permanently and get rid of Facebook. I never want to get rid of Facebook since I love Facebook.